How to Apply in a Real Estate Firm

So you are decided to become a real estate agent. But do you really know what will your job be like? Do you know what your responsibilities are? Most importantly, how will you snatch your first job? 

First, you need to understand what a real estate agent does. The main responsibility of a real estate agent like you is to assist clients in the whole buying and selling procedure. To legally work as a real estate agent, you need to work for a real estate broker. This is commonly known as “placing a license”. There is a significant difference in the application process between real estate brokers versus other types of companies. To enter a real estate broker, you will need to undergo a series of interviews to determine if you are a perfect fit for their company.  

You will not get a job offer explaining your monthly salary. Instead, the company will explain how much you will get out of a sale. They will also include in the computation how much is their share. You can ask if they are giving other forms of benefits aside from the sales commission. But normally, you will only receive a sales commission and occasional bonuses, depending on your performance and how much are the worth of the properties you sold. 

Before you start looking for a company, make sure that you are licensed to practice as a real estate agent in your state. The requirements for acquiring a license are different from one state to another. For instance, real estate agents in Georgia are required to have 75 hours of approved pre-licensing course, while only 60 hours are needed in the estate of Connecticut. 

Start searching for companies where you want to work after graduating from college. Contact them and set an appointment for an interview. Unlike an employment interview, where the employers do most of the questioning, however, it is you who will be asking most of the questions during the interview process. Prepare your questions such as the commission sharing computation, additional training that they will require from you, and if you will be working with an agent on your initial months while still in the learning curve. 

Some companies require their agents to be Realtors. It will be an advantage if you will become a member of the National Board of Realtors to sell Washington DC luxury real estate.  Becoming a Realtor means that you will need additional training and you need to pay additional fees but in the end, it’s all worth it.