Real Estate Question: Why isn’t My House Selling?

There comes a time in our lives that the house we live in can no longer fill our current needs. Maybe you need to relocate because of job opportunities or the house has become too big for the two of you since the kids already have families of their own, or you are in dire need of cash because of a medical emergency. We need to adapt to changing times and that could mean putting up your house for sale. As you go through the process, you may find a hard time in selling your property. So, why isn’t your house selling? 

Your house is in a bad state 

The roof is leaking, plumbing or some fixtures need repairs, or your house is simply in a mess. When putting your house for sale, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Do you like what you are seeing? Selling your house means you have to fix what needs to be fixed. You need to spend money to make your house look presentable and appealing to any prospective buyer. 

Wrong Price 

Everyone always wants to get a good deal. When all you think of is how much money you will make when your house gets sold, you are pricing it too high. Base your price on the current market value so people will respond to your offer. Pricing too low will get people suspicious that something is wrong and will not even consider taking a closer look at your property. Set it at the right price and people will notice. 


People looking for a property to buy will always consider where the property is located. If the neighborhood where your house is located gets featured in the news that puts in a bad light, it will discourage buyers from considering your property. Highlighting that your house is located in a peaceful and quiet community will attract people who value such things. 

Your Real Estate Agent isn’t doing a good job of marketing your house     

It is always a good move to work with a Realtor if you’re looking to sell your house. If it’s taking a long time for them to get inquiries from interested buyers, maybe it’s time to look for another agent to do the job. An experienced Realtor will utilize all resources at his disposal to try to sell your home as soon as possible. They relish the challenge of helping you reach your goal and further enhances their reputation as the top Realtor in your area. 

Wrong time to sell your house 

Timing is everything. If you’re selling your house when people are getting laid off from work due to a bad economy, postpone selling your house until the economy recovers. If there is too much inventory available, it may take some time to get your house sold. Just be patient and wait for the right moment where it will be much easier to sell your house.